Dog Walking

Midday walks are needed for dogs whose humans are too busy or are unable. Long hours at work, elderly, pregnant, or just don’t feel like walking your dog are all reasons you should have one of our energetic animal lovers to come and walk your dog for you. Most midday walks are between 10:30am – 3pm, but this is our full-time job and we will walk your dog whenever you need us to. Also ideal for puppies and older pups that can’t or shouldn’t hold it long.

  • $30 per visit (one time)
  • $25 Monday through Friday for the entire month (prepaid without cancellations)
  • $5 each additional dog
  • $10 surcharge Need A Visit Today

Need A Visit Today

Need A Visit Today is for those that had something come up at the last minute and are in a jam to care for their pets. Call us the day before and there is no extra fee for Ready-Key clients. Monday through Friday contracts will get free nail clips as needed & brushing of pet fur and teeth, if desired.

“ I am thrilled with your service and care of my kitties and cats! You did a great job and the house looked great.”
“You truly seem to love our furry boys and they obviously adore your sitters. We are just so happy to have found Quality Time.”
“Marie and her staff have always gone to great lengths to ensure that our animals were well taken care of.”
“I am so happy with your service. I love the daily reports.”