Other Services

  • Fluid Treatment / Therapy $45
  • Nail Clip $30
  • Poop Scoop (please contact us)
  • Pet Store Trip for Pet Supplies $15
  • Lock Out Service $50
    • Lock yourself out of your home?
    • Ready-Key clients can call us versus a locksmith to get let in right away.
  • Ready-Key $15
    • Leave key on file with QT for quick and easy service anytime you need pet care.
  • $30 if additional consults are requested after initial Free consultation 
  • Dog Training for $160 per 1 Hour Session


Join our annual key club, also known as our Ready Key service. We will keep your key stored in a secure lock box, with our own filing system. Don’t worry your address or name is not labeled on the key. Don’t worry about having to drop off the key before each service or pay to have a pet sitter pick it up or drop it off. We also offer lock out services if you get locked out of your home, no need to call a locksmith and wait for hours with us around. Ready key holders get 3 lockouts free, no pick up or drop off fee, and no copy made fee.

  • Key Club: $125 per year
  • Pick up or Drop off (Not in ready Key program): $25
  • Lock Out Service (Not in Ready Key program): $50
  • Lock Box if we provide it: $20


Sadly pets aren’t immune to getting allergies, getting hurt, having chronic issues or having surgeries. Maybe they also have supplements they take to keep healthy. We will gladly make sure that your pet gets the medications they need at our visits. Let us know how we can provide the best care with these items and we will gladly make the experience for your pet the best it can be.

  • Any pills, powder, or liquid that gets mixed into their food: $5-$10 per visit
  • Injections: $30 per visit
  • Sub q’s: $45 per visit
  • Any medication that needs to be rubbed into ears, paws, ect: $20 per visit

Additional Items

There are some services that we provide that don’t go directly to the above categories. Feel free to ask us about any of these services if you need more information!

  • Extra Meet and Greet after the initial client meeting: $30
  • Pawdicures: $40 per pet
  • Aggressive or agitated dogs, we will evaluate them at the first client meeting to determine the best course of action: Starting at $25.

Cancellation and Reservation Policy

We are so glad you want to move forward! Please look at our cancellation and reservation policies to make sure you don’t have to incur any extra fees!

Last Minute Reservations

  • New clients less than 7 business days notice $25 surcharge atop listed fees below.
  • Less than 4 business days notice $15 surcharge
  • Less than 2 business days notice $20 surcharge
  • Less than 1 business day notice $25 surcharge


  • Less than 3-7 business days notice 50% of all charges due
  • Less than 2 business days notice 100% of all charges due

Holiday Cancellations

  • Less than 14 business days notice 50% of all charges due
  • Less than 7 business days notice 100% of all charges due


“ I am thrilled with your service and care of my kitties and cats! You did a great job and the house looked great.”
“You truly seem to love our furry boys and they obviously adore your sitters. We are just so happy to have found Quality Time.”
“Marie and her staff have always gone to great lengths to ensure that our animals were well taken care of.”
“I am so happy with your service. I love the daily reports.”